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Dussehra images 2018 Happy Dasara wallpapers Vijaya Dasami Wishes Greetings for WhatsApp Facebook

Dussehra images 2018

Dussehra is one of the major festivals in the Indian traditions. It is a colorful festival of nine days. People celebrate this festival happily with their family and friends. The environment seems to be more attractive in this season. Here we are giving many Dussehra images 2018. Send these images on Facebook cover pics, WhatsApp status, Twitter tweets, Viber to your friends and convey your wishes. We also gave Dasara wallpapers to decorate your mobiles and desktop. To increase your festivity, we are giving these Vijaya Dasami songs.

Dasara wallpapers

Dussehra is one of the colorful festivals in India. Many parts of the country celebrate this festival for many reasons. So many people celebrate this festival for the death of mahishasura. He is a demon who got the boon from Brahma that he will die only in the hands of a lady. So mahishasura thought that no lady has dare to touch him, so he has no death. With that power he starts troubling people, devathas, so all prayed to Lord Durga Matha to get rid of him. She fought with that demon for 10 days and finally on the 10th day she killed him. So on this great occasion, we are celebrating this Dussehra. Navaratri means nine nights. Each day they decorate the goddess Durga in one form. They offer prasad and wear colours according to the form. On the first day, they decorate Lord Durga in shailaputri form and brahmacharini, Chandra Ghanta, kushmanda, skandha matha, kathyayani, mahagouri, siddiratri are followed by the next days.

In many states, they celebrate this festival for killing Ravana and ram returning to Ayodhya. After a big war between Ram and Ravana, Rama killed Ravana and returned to Ayodhya. On this great occasion, people celebrated that day as Vijaya dasami. Here Vijaya Dasami means Victory. Many people celebrate with other reasons like Pandavas returning to the kingdom. But this is the only festival celebrated throughout India. In some countries, they celebrate this festival for enlightenment of Lord Buddha.

Happy Dussehra wishes for WhatsApp

People already started celebrations of Navratri. Many people started visiting their friends and relatives houses to enjoy the celebrations of Dasara in various places. So for you, we have collected many Dussehra images 2018, forward this images to all your friends on social networking sites. You can find the dasara pictures of animations, 2D, 3D here. You can share these Dasara greetings for facebook. You can send this images on WhatsApp also. For that, we are given this Happy Dussehra wishes for WhatsApp. Festival means celebration, so on this day enjoy with your family members. Our kids have to follow our traditions, so they have to know the importance of this day. On this day take time to tell the significance of this festival to your children.

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